Side view of *Crunch*
Side View of the crash, slightly out of focus. It looks as bad in person. Side view of *Crunch*
View of the Driver's Side Rear Quarter. It's pushed in because the Chevy Avalanche was a bit taller than the frame of the Ford. Side view of *Crunch*
Closeup of the bent spring. That was part of the accident. Also; all this should be under the body. Side view of *Crunch*
Same thing as above, but that's the gas cap. Ouchie.
Side view of *Crunch*

My two kids would have been sitting there, had we not dropped them off at school about twenty minutes before. Whomever would have been by that window have been buried in flying glass. It's a miracle I wasn't.

He couldn't control his truck in the rain, and hit us. We slid about fifty yards after that. His truck will be easy to fix. Our van is toast.